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DSS Schedule

Current Schedule


 Scheduleheart16.gif (7853 bytes)

                        Denver Suzuki Strings                    2009




revised May 18 - 2009 - PLEASE SEE SUMMER SCHEDULE

You are welcome to switch times if there is a schedule conflict  CLICK Summer Schedule

To Contact a student for a lesson switch just click their name to email them!

 bullet Summer Schedule

bulletprogram info

bulletGroup Class info no group in summer


To Contact a student for a lesson switch just click their name to email them!


Things can change - stay up on all schedule changes here >  NEW up to the minute Schedule! click here - aol web page


2008 - Denice's Fall schedule

Home Studio
11:00 Jackson Fuller
Achord Studio                         

3:00  OPEN

3:30 OPEN

4:00 Rich Bensen 

4:30 Blake Bensen  

5:00 Abby Eurich 

6pm Makena Biltoft

6:30 Kaitlin Kenney 

7:30 Priscilla Duke


 click underlined links to switch lessons if needed

Tues - Home Studio


Tues. -  Achord Studio

3:30  Aidan O'Keefe 

4:00 O'Doherty Family ONLINE   

4:30 OPEN

5:00 Catherine Deward 

6:00 Dani McCurdy

6:30  Dale McCurdy

7:00  Karena McCurdy


click underlined links to switch lessons if needed




WED  Achord Studio

2:45 Tammy Hertz

3:30  OPEN

4:00 Open

 4:30 Gaby Hayden

5:00 Olivia Hayden

5:30 Hannah Hayden NEW

6:00 Lauren MCmillon

6:30  Denise MCmillon

6:45 Open


click underlined links to switch lessons if needed


11:00 Miles Gray - Home

 Achord Studio

3:00 OPEN

3:30 Caitlyn Olde 

4:30 Rachael Jackman

5:30 Noah Fithen

6:15 Anthony Graziano

6:30 Celeste Graziano

7:00 Nina Graziano 

7:15 DONE 

 click underlined links to switch lessons if needed



The Achord Studios

3:15 Emily Jobson 

4:00 Madeline Afshar

5:00 Macy Blatter 

5:45 Kristofich Family NEW

7:15 DONE

click underlined links to switch lessons if needed

GROUP is held the 1st Saturday of each month.

1:30 Suzuki 2:30 Fiddlocity

Saturdays - @ home studio 

 10:00  Danielle Valdez  

11:00  Vienna DeFalco

11:30 Sarah Willson  NEW

12:00 Jackson Fuller

 Group Classes the FIRST Saturday of each month ONLY

1:30 Suzuki      2:30 Fiddlocity




Suzuki Parent Education,Discussion & Support

Classes - Required for all Parents of DSS students ages 3 - 10

Classes Run ... September - May

Saturday Lunch meetings to be announced 


 Suzuki Parent Education, Discussion & Support


Class List

PARENTS  attending:
Amy Wilson
Rich Benson
Brian & Miraya Rediker
Gayle Hayden
Anthony & Amy Graziano
Deb Blatter
Denice McMillon
Karena McCurdy
Louise Jobson
Leslie Defalco
Laura Fuller
Heather Kraus
Cheryl Gray


Support Parents asked to participate:

Marcia Dewerd
Katy Miller
Paula Jackman
Linnea Kenney
Margery Olde






Any Questions please email Denice












ALL students remember to attend GROUP CLASS Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

At Bethany Lutheran


email Ricky mailbx14.gif (9072 bytes)

mailbx14.gif (9072 bytes)email Aarun

Any Questions please email Denice



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