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Fiddling Education & Practice Helper's



Fiddle Education and Practice Helper's





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Here is a collection of 59 fiddle tunes from the rich contest fiddle tradition. Carr has collected unique variations of breakdowns, tunes-of-choice and waltzes from a who's-who of great first generation fiddlers including Benny Thommason, Major Franklin, Norman Soloman, Terry Morris, James "Texas Shorty" Chancellor and others. Many tunes appear here for the first time. Included is a special discussion of authentic bowing. Accompanying CD played by champion fiddler Aarun Carter.

- 59 Contest fiddle tunes
- Breakdowns, tunes-of-choice and waltzes
- Collected from a who's who of first generation fiddlers
- Includes CD recorded by champion fiddler Aarun Carter
- Many tunes available here for the first time


Nicely bound Books of basic fiddle tunes in notation & tab - CD and chords included! By JayDean Ludiker - Champion Fiddler and renowned Instructor!


- specify you found it  at   this site! 

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Fiddle Arrangements,CD's and instructional INFO! By Tony Ludiker - 5 time National Fiddle Champion.

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"The superb transcriptions in this collection can be accurately described as an in-depth study of the beautiful and complex Texas fiddle style...very impressive collection...beautifully and clearly printed...ideal source to learn from in preparation for contest playing. It is of course highly recommended." Devil's Box Magazine

This 108 page, book contains breakdowns, waltzes, rags, polkas, show tunes, and hornpipes common to Texas style playing.

Many Texas Style tune books are incomplete, with either inaccurate bow markings or simplified versions. However "Texas Style Fiddle Transcriptions, Volume 1" contain accurate note for note transcriptions from recordings, including accurate bowing notation. This way you are certain of learning authentic Texas fiddling. Many of these versions are only available from this book.

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Excellent help for Fiddler's Who do not have benefit of a backup player at home. Many Hours of practice will be occupied using this CD.Basic Chord progressions that fit with hundreds of tunes -set at various tempo's for each. 

Jam session in a box!The Rhythm PUSHES the fiddler to stay on top of the beat!Try It! You WILL Like it! $13 plus S/H



 Fiddler's Curse: The Untold Story of Ervin T. Rouse, Chubby Wise, Johnny Cash, and The Orange Blossom Special (Revised and Updated) (Paperback)
by Randy Noles (Author), John Hartford and Marty Stuart (Foreword)

Order at: Amazon.com

   Championship Contest Fiddling
45 Transcriptions from 15 Championship Rounds (Book + CD)

This book provides resources for fiddle players wanting to learn the methods and styles of contest fiddling from thirteen champions of the National Oldtime Fiddlers??? Contest held in Weiser, Idaho. Some of them, like Tristan Clarridge and Tony Ludiker, have won this national contest multiple times. The book and CD offer a valuable window into contest playing through detailed transcriptions, interviews, and recordings of these championship players.

Order at: www.championshipfiddle.com


Bubba Hopkins

 Hopkins Muisc Presents New intermediate-level training DVDs  available: Texas-Style Rhythm Guitar and Texas-Style Tenor Guitar include rhythm instruction in the keys of A (Grey Eagle), G (Sally Johnson), and D (Blue Eagle). The DVDs are available for $25 each and include written sheet music and digital audio files for an additional $5 for each DVD. Purchase the DVD  using the link provied. Send an email for information on purchasing the sheet music and audio files or if you would like for me to customize your own training.