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New To This Site? This site is for historical and resource purposes only! DSS is no longer available in Denver.This site represents 20 years of teaching and producing wonderful musicians! You are welcome to explore this phenomenal site. Denice has moved to Vancouver WA where she is building a new program! GO TO denicecarter.com for more info

DSS - More then just Private Lessons!

Program Information

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Fee is based on a yearly flat rate. Tuition fee covers teachers salary for 48 weeks of lessons

Monthly Group classes are included

Monthly payments are due the *first scheduled lesson of the month.

Annual recital fee due the month of recital.

Group class fees are included in monthly tuition payment and are non-negotiable

 Free Services
~Annual Performance's and Parties

~ Book Graduate Recital - teacher participation
~Advanced & Fiddle Coaching ~ Jam Sessions

~ Extra Rehearsals

~Website Access - private pages for students only
~ Expert advice on instrument selection

~ Customized Practice Sheet System - structured and organized at lesson

~ Audio & Video files - practice help for home

~ Online Video practice "checkups"  or periodic lessons

~ Online lesson Calendar - DSS Calendar

~ FaceBook - DSS   Denice's Students  - Facebook

 Please read Tuition Policy at the Program info link  





















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