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New To This Site? This site is for historical and resource purposes only! DSS is no longer available in Denver.This site represents 20 years of teaching and producing wonderful musicians! You are welcome to explore this phenomenal site. Denice has moved to Vancouver WA where she is building a new program! GO TO denicecarter.com for more info

Thornton Studio

getting started...

  Materials and supplies required
  • Suzuki Violin Volume 1 CD   Performed by S. Suzuki other recordings do not match my teaching points
  • Nurtured By Love    - An introduction to the method and required reading for all parents.
  • Stereo  - CD player needs to be readily available in various locations in your house and car.
  • A Violin - of proper size and quality for student
  • A Violin - for parents of young students
  • Rosin  - for your bow
  • Shoulder Rest or soft rubber sponge - to aid in proper posture while playing the violin
  • A three ringed binder - to keep your lesson notes. Take Home & bring to Lesson
  • CD library - Classical music should be played on a regular basis. Fiddlers are also asked to build a listening and learning library.
  • Time - to practice each day, attend lessons weekly & periodic group classes, performances and activities.

Patients - Dedication and Love

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