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New To This Site? This site is for historical and resource purposes only! DSS is no longer available in Denver.This site represents 20 years of teaching and producing wonderful musicians! You are welcome to explore this phenomenal site. Denice has moved to Vancouver WA where she is building a new program! GO TO denicecarter.com for more info

Group Classes




Bethany Lutheran Church TBA

Enter through the west basement level doors

CAKE - Creative Arts for Kids Enrichment

8801 Fox Drive, Suite 100

1:00 Suzuki Group

TBA -  Fiddlocity

 SPEDS -  Saturday Lunch meetings -TBA

Suzuki Parent Education, Discussion & Support

See you all there!

Part of what your tuition costs cover is the  time 

and energy put into group classes.

Group Classes Provide

bulletSocial and Leadership Opportunities

bulletMotivation through mentor-ship

bulletCreative exercises not provided in private lesson

bulletReview of Repertoire

bulletComradery with DSS students

Participation in classes is a requirement Of Our program.


You will be provided with a group class schedule and list of students expected to attend.


Fiddlocity  - Fiddle Group classes - are provided for all fiddlers and will focus on group fiddle performance.This group performs throughout the Denver Area to help raise funds for The Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association.


Student lists are provided if requested and may be printed up for future reference.

It is suggested that students arrange lesson switches with each other if a schedule conflict prevents you from attending your regularly scheduled weekly lesson. 

As the Director of the Denver Suzuki Strings Program....

My goal is to keep my program legitimate (by Suzuki Standards) by providing group

classes which represent substantial participation. Full participation is the standard.

(adult students are invited and encouraged to attend!)
Advanced Students are asked to attend lower level classes for review opportunities


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