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New To This Site? This site is for historical and resource purposes only! DSS is no longer available in Denver.This site represents 20 years of teaching and producing wonderful musicians! You are welcome to explore this phenomenal site. Denice has moved to Vancouver WA where she is building a new program! GO TO denicecarter.com for more info

Director : Denice Carter

DSS Info


Denice Carter  Is founder and Director of the Denver Suzuki Strings Violin program

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Denice often keeps a  full teaching schedule and a waiting list.  DJ's Music Box





  • Was taught Suzuki method as a young child...Experienced training by John Kendall & Shirleen McMicheal while student teaching in high school
  • Has attended many Suzuki training courses and is extensively trained through 27 years of teaching experience.
  • Has remarkable abilities in connecting Suzuki teaching points to similar points in contest fiddling and is currently developing a method book to help Suzuki teacher's and students transition into fiddling with continuity.
  • Continues to compete in fiddle contests and has ranked in the top 10 nationally.   
  • Serves as judge through out Colorado,Wyoming and Nebraska as well as the National Championships in Weiser Idaho and the Fiddlers Frolics - Texas State Champianships .
  • Provides workshops for Suzuki teacher's on how to implement fiddling into a Suzuki Program as well as instructing at fiddle camps and work shops.
  • Is  founder and president of the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association

DSS Provides : Weekly Private lessons - Suzuki group classes   (Denver Suzuki Strings - DSS) Fiddle group classes- ( Fiddlocity!)

also provided: Periodic public performances of both groups, annual studio recitals and Suzuki book recital graduations


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