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Absolutely Aarun


Absolutely Aarun



Aarun Carter - Apprentice Suzuki Violin & Fiddling.
Back Up Guitar for fiddling - Beginner through Advanced.

Although only 18 years old, Aarun has shown a true talent for teaching.

Starting violin under the tutelage of her mother (Denice Carter) at age 3 Aarun couldn't wait to get on stage.

Many times you could see her standing next to her mommy as she performed or competed on stage.

Bathed in music, aarun won her division at age five at the Colorado State Championships.

That was  only the beginning of her 13 year stint of placing in many contests all over the united states. 

Aarun is the past certified Junior Champion in Farmington New Mexico and Grove Oklahoma.

Certified Junior Champion at the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships and Casper Casper Wyoming Contests,

Aarun also placed 8th this year at The National Championships in Wesier Idaho.

Religiously involved in Suzuki activities she became  a mentor to Suzuki students as well as fiddler's.


View Aarun's MY SPACE www.myspace.com/aarun

Aarun is a committed and permanent fixture in the DSS program.

Student of The Denver School of the Arts  for three years, Aarun has started teaching due to requests by several students of DSS

who asked that she supplement her mom's lessons with those of her own! 

Aarun has also quickly gained amazing skills on the guitar. Handed a guitar about 4 years ago, her family noticed her superb understanding and skill very quickly.

Her knowledge and supportive spirit have also earned her many guitar students.

Aarun teaches back up guitar privately  as well as  group classes twice a month.

 Always in demand for her talents... Armed with her fiddle and her old Gibson, Aarun is a welcome addition to the DSS Staff.


Aarun's Violin Students!!!!


 Melissa Valdez - Guitar and Fiddle         Aidynn Tanner - almost 3!

Aarun's Fiddle Students!!!!

(these are my moms students, but i help them by doing EXTRA lessons! these kids are troopers)



Rachel Jackman 

Kaitlin  Kenny


Jenny & Julia Geenwald


Catherine Deward


Abby Holmberg

Caitlyn Olde  

Janet & Jack Merideth                  











Aarun's Guitar Students!!!!


Guitar class at  Weiser, ID 2004 . GREAT TURNOUT!!!!   

Aarun PICS