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Texas String Drive - Jimmie Don Bates

cdcoverTSD.JPG (26450 bytes)

.."Texas String Drive" Awesome! 
(my personal favorite pick!)
you can' t help but enjoy this, REALLY!
Texas String Drive brings to you an eclectic mix of acoustic
music from a broad range of influences such as Texas style
and Irish fiddling, country and western, bluegrass, swing
music, and even a few originals.  The music is very diverse
 ranging from slow waltzes to fast breakdowns.
Jimmie Don Bates of Austin, wanted to create a band that
 incorporated contest style fiddling with emphasis on
twin fiddles and banjo.  The band started through music at a
fiddlerÂ’s jam session hosted by ArtzÂ’ Rib House. Jimmie Don
met banjo player Rolf Sieker and began to jam, creating
two-part harmonies for the fiddle and banjo. Roberta Rast,
Bob Pool and James Wright  joined the group shortly after,
adding twin fiddle and rhythm. Texas String Drive was
named to represent acoustic music from Texas and the
drive or groove that fiddlers try to achieve when jamming
 and competing in fiddle contests. 
Texas Old Time Fiddling traditionally has been
 passed down from one fiddler to another from
one generation to the next. For many years,
sheet music and recordings were hard to find.
Lovers of the music attended contests,
performances and jam sessions to learn from others,
incorporating various styles and textures into their music.