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Pictures - Weiser 2005

2005 Weiser Pictures


Julia, Claradene, Nettie, Denice, Katy,Nathan,Paula,Dave,Amamnda K, Evan,Jordan,Aarun, Caitlyn, Claudia, John, Diane, Joyce, Craig,, Aaron S

Rachel ,Rachels Grandma,Casey,

 Alex,Abby E, Abby H, Laura,Kaitlin K, Jay, Jenny,

Jed, Nash,

 Erin B

Linnea Kenney ,Amanda Lee & Alison Holmberg are not shown....I apologize .........if anyone else was over looked...I am sorry also...(some family members not available)

In case you can't tell this group photo is a composite and as such could only be filled with pictures I actually had! :-)

Population 40

We had a smaller group this year and it sure was nice..... much more relaxed and less hectic!


getting ready for performances... always fun!


Denice Cooked Breakfast!





These kids are the best!



Younger ones coming up.... OUR future....


Nash signs up... it's his first time!





Stay Tuned....(ha ha) More To Come Soon!