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DSS Teachers


Denice Carter Founder and Director of the Denver Suzuki Strings Violin program at Achord Music Studios where she has a full teaching schedule  and a waiting list. Denice was taught Suzuki method as a young child...Experienced training by John Kendall & Shirleen McMicheal while student teaching in high school ..attended many Suzuki training courses and is extensively trained through 20 years of teaching experience. To accommodate the growing interest in her program she has added and trained assistant and apprentice teachers to extend her Suzuki philosophies. She has remarkable abilities in connecting Suzuki teaching points to similar points in contest fiddling. Her students consistently rank as Colorado State Fiddle Champions and top 5-20 in all Divisions in the National Fiddle Championships. Finishing in the TOP TEN in her division at The National Fiddle Championships herself, Denice continues to compete and consistantly wins certified adult championships. Denice also serves as judge through out Colorado,Wyoming and Nebraska & has been asked to Judge the National Championships in Weiser Idaho as well as the Fiddle Frolics - Texas State Champianships for 2006!.

Denice Privides : Weekly Private lessons - Suzuki group classes  group named Denver Suzuki Strings- Fiddle group classes- group named Fiddlocity!

also provided: Periodic public performances of both groups, annual studio recitals and Suzuki book recital graduations

  Denice also provides workshops for Suzuki teacher's on how to implement fiddling into a Suzuki Program as well as instructing at fiddle camps and work shops.  Also founder and president of the Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association Denice has a very full plate indeed!  & DJ's Music Box

Added to the DSS staff is:

Denice's son

    Ricky Selman Assistant Teacher. Ricky Graduated from the Denver School of the Arts and did his senior internship on Suzuki Pedagogy with The Denver Suzuki Strings Program . The internship included 40 hours of teaching observation with documentation for extended credit of his Diploma. Ricky has played since he was 4 (starting on cello and changing to violin at 9) and was taught through a combination of Suzuki and traditional Fiddle. Accepted at age 17 to study with master teachers Dick and Lisa Barrett, Ricky considers himself a  "fiddler" but has the Suzuki Method in his heart. Ricky has completed his  Teacher Training courses 1A & 1B  at Lincoln Suzuki Institute  July 2002 and is Certified through Book 1 Suzuki. Ricky is approved by the Suzuki Association of the America's to be certified through book 4. The summer of 2003 Ricky auditioned for Jim Maurer at D.U. and was accepted into the Denver Talent Education Suzuki Pedagogy Certificate Prorgram. Ricky continues his studies and intends to receive his Suzuki Teaching Certificate in 2005. Ricky was honored to receive 8th place ranking  at The Fiddle Frolics in Halletsville Texas in 2004. Also skilled at back up guitar on his 1920's Gibson tenor Guitar, Ricky also assists DSS students with supplemental practice sessions helpful to those who do not have benifit of back up at home. Ricky is the 2006 Minnesota State Junior Champion (age 16 - 34) and ranked 16th at Nationals in the Young Adult Divison.

Ricky is curently taking new students in the Levelland and Lubbock Area.

Currently accepting new students.

  Aarun Carter - Apprentice Suzuki Violin & Fiddling. Back Up Guitar for fiddling - Beginner through Advanced.

Although only 17 years old, Aarun has shown a true talent for teaching. Starting violin under the tutelage of her mother (Denice Carter) at age 3 Aarun couldn't wait to get on stage. Many times you could see her standing next to her mommy as she performed or competed on stage. Bathed in music, aarun won her division at age five at the Colorado State Championships. That was  only the beginning of her 14 year stint of placing in many contests all over the united states. Aarun is the Current certified Junior Champion in Farmington New Mexico and Grove Oklahoma.

Religiously involved in Suzuki activities she became  a mentor to Suzuki students as well as fiddler's. Aarun is a committed and permanent fixture in the DSS program. Now a Senior, Aarun has started teaching due to requests by several students of DSS who asked that she supplement her mom's lessons with those of her own! Aarun has openings at her home studio in Thornton and the Achord studio in Littleton.

 Aarun has also quickly gained amazing skills on the guitar. Handed a guitar about 3 years ago, her family noticed her superb understanding and skill very quickly. Her knowledge and supportive spirit have also earned her many guitar students. Aarun teaches back up guitar privately  as well as  group classes twice a month.Aarun has single-handedly developed an army of backup guitar player's. Almost every DSS student who plays fiddle is now able to play backup guitar thanks to Aarun.  Always in demand for her talents... Armed with her fiddle and her old Gibson, Aarun is a welcome addition to the DSS Staff.

Aarun is currently attending college at South Plains in Levelland Texas majoring in commercial music.

Aarun is curently taking new students in the Levelland and Lubbock Area.